Specialist presentations
and seminars

Further Education public safety – competent and individual

A seminar concerning crowd management respectively safety management? Here Is the right place.

We give you the necessary information in one day seminars or compact curses.

  • How to plan and carry out an event,
  • Recognising risks and inadequate safety and what is necessary in order to reduce them,
  • Getting to know the fundamental legal specifications concerning events and gathering places.


How Are the Course and Seminars structured?

We distinguish our seminar offerings between

  • Seminars/Courses with preconceived content and
  • Seminars/Courses with a free selection of contents

It is possible for you to make the content of the seminar tailor-made to your needs and requirements. The planning of the timing can also be chosen freely in order to meet your demands.


Seminar Location

The seminars can be held in your company/authority or in our seminar rooms.


Seminars or Specialist Talks with preconceived content

  • Introduction to Crowd Management
    The fundamentals and application possibilities

  • Crowd Assimilation
    How can a crowd be influenced?

In-house education for authorities BOS and Operators and Organisers

  • Safety Concept content:
    – What is an event and how is it evaluated?
    – Evaluation and measuring security staff
    – How can safety concepts be evaluated?
    – Who takes part at an event? Participants and tasks
    – Education and tasks of a Liasion Team


Seminars or Specialist Talks with freely selectable content

The following list is a selection of choices. For further subjects please feel free to contact us.

  • Legal basis
  • Risk management: Danger analysis, risk evaluation, protection objective analysis, dynamic risk management
  • Crowd assimilation: Concerning the steering and influencing of crowds
  • Emergency and continuity management
  • Safety by design
  • Steering streams of people

Who are the course/Seminar offers for?

The seminars impart knowledge and practical aids for city and parish representatives who permit events or organise them, Organisers, event managers, operators of gathering places responsible members of staff of security service companies, fire-fighter representatives, police and rescue services and agencies.


Lecturer for congresses and symposia

Oliver Kastens is at your service as lecturer or key-note-speaker at your conference or further education event.