Safety Management
Expert advice/Authorities advice

Following various damages cases over the last few years the security of participants is receiving more and more attention in the public domain. As the number of public and business events grows we are seeing a growing quality demand for implementation and planning. Crowd management, security management, site design crisis management evacuation concepts and defence against terror attacks are all subjects which are gaining in importance. We offer solutions for danger prevention or the intervention at large events. In the framework of security advice we are occupying ourselves equally with assembly place regulations, site design, people density, streams of visitors or also the psychological aspects.

Operators and Organizers

We do not only create new but also already existing security concepts. Many of these concepts whether it be for halls or for outdoor events were created in the past – often years ago. As the legal provisions and also the security demands are constantly changing, it is necessary to regularly re-work and adjust the concepts. We integrate analysis and evaluation tools such as FIST,RAMP, DIM-ICE and CAB in our planning and considerations. The taking into account of potential visitors in the planning begins at their front door sand also ends there.

Why special advice for authorities?

At many of the authorities who issue permits there is a growing insecurity which can be detected in the issuing of permits for large events. This often lies with the lack of relevant information or simply inexperience when dealing with such events.

Subjects like “What must a security concept contain?” “How do I judge the concept in front of me?” or “Are the facts in the concept realizable and can they be implemented in practise.”

The answer to such questions is part of our advice or we work with the authorities to judge the feasibility of the given concept.

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  • Risk evaluation and analysis
  • Danger analysis
  • Assessment of security concepts
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Evaluation of danger potentials

Expert/Authorities advice