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The BODYFLAG is a mobile telescopic pole with a flag attached to it, it a perfect aid for security and rescue personnel being deployed at large events. The position marker for first responders is immediately visible from long range and helps requested reinforcements to locate the exact position of a danger zone on first viewing the site. The extendable flag clearly marks the assigned location and can even be seen among large crowds of people.

The BODYFLAG is easy to use. It consists of a light aluminium pole with a red flag. The telescopic pole can be extended to a length of 2m – with a body size of 1.75m a total height of almost 4m can be achieved. Using this device a first responder can mark his/her position to a great height and is immediately visible in a densely crowded area. The BODYFLAG with red flag (40cm x 60 cm) measures 28.5cm (retracted) and the scope of delivery includes a holster for the practical attaching to a belt. The BODYFLAG can be purchased at allbuyone for a reasonable price and is delivered very quickly.

BODYFLAG very visible position marker for rescue personnel

The BODYFLAG aids rescue personnel to save valuable time when attending emergencies at large events. It clearly marks the first responder to an emergency situation and replaces possible lengthy searches for the exact position within the grid square of an event area.

The extendable BODYFLAG with a red flag has a telescopic pole which can be extended to a length of 2 meters. The average first responder is 1.75m tall and therefore the deployment site can be marked with a total height of almost 4m.

You buy the BODYFLAG in a practical holster bag which can be attached to a belt. The flag is then immediately within reach in emergency situations.

» 148g (including bag: 211g)
» 0.25 Kg per piece

» Extended telescope pole approx. 200cm
» Detracted approx. 29cm

» 100% polyester
» 110 g/m2
» Looped
» 60 x 40 cm (width x height)

» Hard wearingwaterproof nylon
» velcro fastener
» and belt straps incl. velcro fastener for binding the flag

Nominated for the Health & Safety Innovation Award 2019.
European Festival Awards 2019

Product Details

  • Implementation: telescopic flag pole with flag and holster
  • Colour: Red (Flag)
  • Flag material: 110g/m2 (100% Polyester)
  • Pole Material: Aluminium
  • Flag Measurements: 40 x 60 cm
  • Flag pole measurements: Detracted 28.5cm extended approx. 2m
  • Included holster bag made of corduroy similar fabric 600D nylon material according to DIN EN 71-3, weatherproof, dirt resistant, extremely tensile and hard wearing.

The BODYFLAG helps in dangerous situations to save valuable minutes

At events with many participants or visitors such as for example festivals, open air events, city running races. Etc. where differing security and rescue personnel are deployed in mobile teams. These teams are coordinated from a control centre.

For orientation purposes at the event area these teams use maps with a coordinate grid which is not marked on the real site though.

If the rescue personnel require reinforcements in an emergency the reinforcements are normally requested by radio through an operator and give their position according to the coordinate grid. The exact position for all those taking part is though only roughly assessable. For the advancing support finding the exact position is often very difficult due to the dense crowds, as the range of vision for people at the same height is only approx. 3 rows of people. This means that even though the reinforcement team is only 3 m from the emergency site the position can often still not be located.

Through the time spent for searching, valuable minutes are lost which in the worst case can mean loss of life (collapsing time frames). In some cases only a few minutes can be decisive for example in the case of a stroke (19 seconds).

The BODYFLAG helps here: with a length of 2m in extended condition can, according to the responder’s own height, attain a maximum length of more than 4m. The red flag is immediately visible for responders and this at a long distance and means the emergency site can be quickly located.

Who is the BODYFLAG suitable for?

  • Security services
  • Police
  • First responders and emergency doctors
  • Fire-fighters
  • Town guides, hiking guides, pilgrimage guides, Travel guides


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Awarded by the VBG:
Exemplary prevention for safety and health at work.


The Health & Safety Innovation Award
Winner 2022

Award: European Festival Awards
Submitted: Watt’ en Schlick



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