The next steps in safety management

The focus
on people

It is not about fulfilling regulatory requirements - but, the human being and his behavior is placed in the center of the planning. Starting from him, we develop crowd management measures and concepts.


„Crowd management is the systematic planning and proactive implementation of the spatial organisation of large gatherings of people on the basis of continual monitoring and analysis of human movement and group dynamics with the objective of security, the protection and the preservation of the well being of all those present and participants.“

Definition John J. Fruin (1993)


In the application, due to the preventive approach, high densities of people can be avoided and crowds can be managed. Crowd management is not only suitable for events, but for any kind of gathering of people.

Contents of
Crowd Managements

  1. Capacity analysis
  2. Area planning – static and dynamic
  3. Visitor’s profiles
  4. Legal bases
  5. Crowd density
  6. Visitor’s behaviour
  7. Communication possibilities
  8. Design
  9. Risk management
  10. What type of crowd psychological or physiological
  11. Evacuation concepts

Safety Management

Our offers in the area of safety management for events are aimed at all participants – Permit authorities, Organisers, Planners, Authorities with security tasks (BOS) or Event and Production Agencies etc.

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BodyFlag … to save lives!
BodyFlag … to save lives!